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Chair Series

Whether it be a home, an office or a restaurant all get their unique identity through their furniture. The positivity and hospitality of a place is determined by the aesthetic beauty of its furniture. The perfect furniture creates a harmony between the animate and inanimate parts of an environment. The perfect blend of colonial and modern furniture can create magic.

Here at Living water services, we persevere to create this magic. We are international distributers of a wide range of furniture produced by elite companies in the furniture industry. These companies produce a galore of unique furniture cutting across all material types. We distribute various kinds of dining tables, lounging series furniture, sun-loungers, daybeds, cupboards and Garden furniture custom made for the hospitality industry. Our business partners use modern research and development techniques to design and produce long lasting yet highly affordable furniture for our clients.

We deliver to virtually all parts of the world and safety of the furniture is solely our responsibility during transit. All our business partners provide a large warranty period on all their products.

Dining and Lounging Series

Custom Furniture Series

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