The PTE Academic Write Essay task is scored on seven traits, each representing a aspect that is separate of quality.

Essay Score Guide

To score practice essays for the students, you can easily follow these guidelines:

The most crucial trait is Content, this has the highest maximum raw score (3 points) of course the score is 0 (zero) the whole essay is scored zero, because no attempt was made to perform the duty as required.

It is essential to stress that the traits for PTE Academic have to be scored independently. Human raters can best accomplish that by scoring all essays consecutively for one trait that is single enough time, i.e., first rate all essays for Content. Subsequently score all essays when it comes to Formal requirement, next for Development, Structure and Coherence, and so forth, till the last trait.

A test taker’s essay will never be scored on any trait and you will be awarded 0 (zero) within the following cases:

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